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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pirate Party

First of all . . . a huge shout out to Alyson!
She is awesome and everyone should have a friend just like her.
Thank you for letting us use your house and for lending your creativity.
Treasure box and map.  Unfortunately we got rained
out and couldn't use the map.  

Our booty, ring pops, necklaces and gold candies.

Homemade cupcakes.  Soo tasty!
So glad our friends could make it!  The best pirates around!
Naturally you would use a sword to open it.
Pirate ship piƱata

We had a few pirates helping us out.

Nathan, The Birthday Boy
Josh as Skeleton LaGoose
Captain Spencer
Nora, The Birthday Girl
Abram, The Ham

Maila and Abram, The Pirates Mata
The only time I hope to see Nathan with
a mustache like this!

The awesome mast Craig made.

Nathan's favorite toy, it was
just what he wanted.
Nora got a doll that looks just like her.
She named it Aurora.

Craig did what we all felt like doing :)
So there you have it.  A very successful combined birthday party.  I had a blast, and I think the kids did too!  Now we have to start planning so we can top it next year!


manne said...

What a grand time for all of them! I am sure they loved it.